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A lawsuit loan or cash advance from Advance Case Loans LLC (ACL) can benefit and enable the litigant to meet their financial needs until their claim is resolved so the litigant does not have to settle for a lower value, lose their home , car, or just meet daily living expenses.

How you use the money is up to you. There are no credit checks and you can get your money within 48 hours of having your loan approved. The only collateral for your loan is your pending claim.

Insurance companies and deep pocket defendants will hold out and extend the litigation to put the plaintiff at a disadvantage. The plaintiff may be unable to meet their daily living expenses waiting out the litigation process. Defendants with deep pockets can do the same thing to a small company in a commercial case. Then there is the law firm that needs to advance hundreds of thousands of dollars in expert fees, depositions, etc. In order to get the case for trial. We can help.

We have experienced customer service representatives available to answer your call or questions 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 312-212-5009. We will get background information on the person applying for loan and the type of case and the facts of the particular case in which you are applying for a loan. Or If you prefer, get started by completing the online application form to the right .

We will contact your attorney to get information on your claim. Once we receive the information from you and your attorney, all of this is then reviewed by a team of professionals that make up our loan committee. The loan committee will usually have an answer for you within 24-48 hours of receiving all documents necessary from your attorney with the amount of the loan approved and the annual percentage rate for your loan. You are not under any obligation to accept these terms until you sign the closing documents and accept your money.

In general, we will only loan up to 10% of what our loan committee determines to be the customers’ net proceeds from the claim. We do not provide legal opinions on your case nor give legal advice, the loan committee merely determines the amount, if any, we can approve for the loan and the rate.

If you are approved, we will then set up a closing.

Remember, the advantage for you is that you can use this money now, and you do not need to make any payments until your claim is resolved.

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