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Litigation financing also commonly refered to as lawsuit loans, litigation funding, and legal finance.

People who have been injured in an accident will usually have to wait months or years before their case can be resolved or they can receive compensation. During that time, the claimant will normally be missing time from work, incurring medical expenses and then be unable to meet their daily living expenses. The attorney is often placed in the position where the client comes to them for help, but ethically the attorney cannot provide financial assistance to their client.

Where can these people turn? The litigation finance industry was created for just such a need. Most typically these companies are called non-recourse funding or advances. These companies cannot call their product a loan, as they do not have a license as a finance company, so they are not allowed to call their product a loan. This is where the terms litigation financing, litigation funding and legal finance came about. In order to have your product called a loan, you must maintain a license to call it a lawsuit loan.

Advance Cases Loans LLC is licensed by the Illinois department of financial responsibility, with a consumer installment loan license, and can provide lawsuit loans. We comply with all consumer laws under the state of Illinois and provide truth-in-lending statements and right of rescissions. There are no prepayment penalties. No payments need to be made until your claim is resolved.

There is a great disparity in the interest rates and fees charged by other companies as well as the fact that some of these companies are not licensed and therefore do not have to comply with consumer laws. That is why it is best to use a company such as Advance Case Loans LLC. We have knowledgeable attorneys on staff who can properly value your claim, thus maximizing the amount of cash available to you.

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