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This is Bob Kominsky, president of Advance Case Loans LLC. As a litigation and personal injury attorney for over 25 years, I recognized a need for claimants to have access to money while their cases were pending until they received their settlement.

As their attorney it is unethical to loan or advance the client money other than for court costs. Many times my clients were desperate as they were having their homes foreclosed, they were being evicted from their apartments, they could not afford food or clothing for their children or just could not meet their daily living expenses. They were victims of an accident that wasn’t their fault and were put in desperate financial situations.

Many times it would be the defendant with deep pockets or an insurance company trying to starve out my client to get leverage to settle the claim for less than its value. Sometimes the client would be so desperate that would accept a low settlement because they could not afford to live.

In 2003, I founded Advance Case Loans LLC to meet the needs of these clients. Our loans are not for everyone, only those who have nowhere else to go. I would always suggest to ask your family, friends, go to a bank or anyone who could help, but sometimes there is nowhere else to go, and that is when it is time to call us. If you have been involved in a personal injury accident, you have been victimized already. We are here so you do not have to lose everything before you get your settlement. We provide loans to commercial litigants and law firms.

My mission is to strive to get you the help and financial assistance you need until your case is settled. This can help relieve the strain and pressure the entire situation can put on you as well as your family. Our rates are higher than bank loans, as the only collateral we can get is the proceeds of your claim. I strive to maintain competitive rates and I have come up with a program that I feel is good for the consumer. Our rates are fixed for the life of your loan. You do not even have to make any interest payments until your claim is settled.

I strive every day to make sure you are treated fairly and with respect. We will try and get you an answer to your request within 48 hours of receiving the documents needed from your attorney. My goal is to help you to:

Level the playing field

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